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    A 98彩票手机官方网站 with tradition: 80 years in the heart of Vienna

    In 1919, two former officers of the Austrian monarchy, violin maker, Dr. Franz Thomastik, and civil engineering specialist, Otto Infeld, decided to become collaborators. They co-founded the company, invented the steel string and thus caused a revolution in the music world. Suddenly the conventional gut string was challenged by a new string with the highest quality of tone, precision and reliability. It was received enthusiastically by virtuosi across the world. To the present, an enormous variety of strings with this new exciting sound for bowed and plucked instruments are produced at the 98彩票手机官方网站base of Thomastik-Infeld, right in the of Vienna, the world's music capital. Thomastik-Infeld constructs and manufactures 98彩票手机官方网站 for producing strings in its own workshops. With a staff of 190 people, it produces yearly over 3.000 different strings. 97% of them are exported to more than 100 countries.

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