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    CAG Tools

    The CAG Tools. Ultimate tools for Artisans

    Begin with complete digital design
    When we began work on our tools, we considered every detail of a prefect tools: each edge, each line. So we begin with complete digital design, that we could reach everything we want on the monitor, and the result was something entirely new.

    Stainless Steel for the beauty and the performance
    Because of it's high workability, for a long time, the brass has been used to make tools. But the reason we choose stainless steel is that, stainless steel is much more harder than brass and it's both strength and beauty, and it's also the reason why it has long been used to make fine watches.

    No detail is too small
    To keep every details as accurate as possible, we used Computerized Numerical Control Machine in which computers play an integral part of the control, to achieving highly accurate across the planes. And later, it's polished to a pristine finish.

    With the professional Violin making in mind
    We develop, and also improve our tools together with professional violin makers, so they are not only innovatively, beautifully, but also usefully designed. They are the perfect tools to keep your work much more easier, and much more comfortable.

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