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    Wallace Seymour Fine Art Products

    Rebecca Wallace and Pip Seymour formed the company Pip Seymour Fine Art Products in 2011. They began to create a programme of high quality painting and drawing materials, made under their own control and with their shared vision to provide artists with the maximum potential for expression through colour. To this end their have created unique ranges of oil, acrylic, watercolour (tube and pan), gouache, hand-made soft pastel, hand-made drawing materials, primers and painting mediums. They looked at long forgotten colours, alongside ancient and modern pigments to create colour palettes to suit the needs of the most progressive and challenging artists. Their production benefits from over twenty years of experience within the art materials industry and the knowledge gained through this and through the practice as artists. In addition to their paint ranges, they have introduced a comprehensive selection of dry pigments, many of which are sourced from original quarries and processed within their own production. They continue to source and research new materials, from precious plant colours to brand new modern synthetics, alongside production of a new generation of painting mediums, binders and varnishes also for violin makers. Before addition to the catalogue, they test the products within their own painting and garner feedback from other artists, whose feedback and comments they trust and respect. Selection Picene is a range of violin varnishes and ingredients developed by Wallace Seymour Fine Art Products for the violin maker. They also offered for sale is Pip Seymour's comprehensive survey of violin varnish ingredients, in a newly published soft back edition.

    Colours are only indicative and the pigments, according to how they are worked, can change tonality and hue.
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